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    I just spend 8 hours in my project and constantly i walked up against more problems.

    1) Like in your demo, go to main menu and select a random main category. Then go back to that menu and try selecting another, it´s not even working in your demo!
    2) Further, checkboxes that are out of place in checkout page.
    3) Selectboxes from other plugins that turns completely white because of default collapse mode.
    4) Mobile product grid out of place when selecting an even number of products in a row, yes you show in the demo it's working well while adjusting the desktop browser, have you seen it on an iphone for instance?
    5) the titlebar is missing an 1px margin so you cannot select the submenu.
    6) No vendor names are showing up in category pages, flatsome theme (not even a marketplace theme) does have it. How can people recognize a product when having 100's of products in front of them.
    7) Groups (roles) plugin stopped working
    8) Product page css for instance that doesn't match with your demo. The H1 was way bigger, also the price. Haven't checked more. But it seems your demo is tweaked further then it is out of the box.
    9) I didn't see an option to add the seller info bar on the top of the product page, like in the demo.

    I wish there was an option to add custom widgets to the very top of the page or add some custom text in the titlebar. I cannot add a big button with the text ‘New product'. Very important as advertiser.

    As i also have bought wall plugin and media wall, i can tell the media wall has never worked on another website of my client.

    I had to recover a backup, and for now i think a refund will be appropriate for me.
    But i really want my questions to be answered, because it does seem promising and i want to know when you are ready enough to deliver me a full working marketplace.



    I forgot to mention:

    10) The cartpage info is jumping left to right and adding margin seems to be hard.
    11) While hovering category links in market mainmenu, the category description showed up as title=””
    12) Adding a custom category widget in the market mainmenu place is visualy not good, not with submenu´s.
    13) the cart and checkout link is not fixed as being told to developers on march 10th. People cannot even go to cart or checkout on mobile because it´s missing…


    @smedia, I agree with you the theme is not ready or it's kind of a scam. I have had several issues and support is non-existent. A lot of people are frustrated and the developers are nowhere to be found. I have advised my theme to choose this theme/plugin over other themes/plugins and now I look stupid. These are the kind of things that get people fired from jobs. At least respond to support support issues.



    Hi R,

    We apologize for the delayed response, we are aware of the poor support performance over the last few weeks and are working hard on getting this back to normal.

    2) Are taking about this checkboxes http://screencast.com/t/IcJlCJEbG8oK
    8) Our demo isn't tweaked, product style should show out of box
    9) This works out of box too

    Other have been added to the queue, for the next release.

    Thanks again for your patience. 


    Hi Zarko,

    That would be very great if it's gonna be fixed.
    I did a refund request, which i wnat to put on hold now.



    From my personal experience, my site looks same as demo, although it takes me quite a lot of time to configure and do the right setting. However, from my point of view, there are few bugs which needs to be fixed. Glad to see support is coming back …


    Hi @smedia,
    Thanks for your patience, We will push our updated in next couple of days.
    Varun Dubey


    Hi Zarko,

    2) You have alternative address disabled, when enabled there's a checkbox.
    Can you release a changelog for Social marketplace, also for the future?

    THanks so far!


    Hi @smedia
    You can get release notes on

    Varun Dubey
    BuddyBoss Support Specialist



    So far it seems very good now.
    I have a question, i want to have a normal dropdown mainmenu.
    Is that possible instead of the marketpanel menu?


    Hi @smedia, Sorry it's not possible for now
    It will need to register new menu for that position and add css for it.
    We will keep it inside our suggestion list for further development.
    Varun Dubey

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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