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    We cant name BuddyBoss as a theme because it’s absolutely a platform more than a theme. I really love BuddyBoss codes which is even better than buddypress itself.

    I think you should sell us some extensions of special buddyboss plugins. Please think about this. We could pay more 🙂

    These plugins for buddyboss would be purchased by many of us i guess.

    – Checkin support like all other social platforms.
    – Hashtags and trending topics extension
    – The most liked (favorited) picture of the day, this week, month of community extention.
    – Most mentioned user in community

    I hope other customers write their extensions in mind here.

    And for the theme;
    When it comes to codes this thing is just great and amazing. But when it comes to design it is really poor.

    – Ajax login is a must have for a great theme like this. It shoul not redirect to wordpress login page.

    – A better home page would be great like facebook, twitter.



    I also think BuddyBoss is a great theme, but, the design can improve.


    @burakbirer Checkin and hashtags are already plugins. Though you will have to customize their CSS to work with BuddyBoss. The most favorited and most mentioned is an interesting idea, though!


    @skyrie Bp Activity Plus and Bp Albums were already on the market but BB team made a new great photo upload tool which works with ipads and iphone. This is one of the reasons i love BuddyBoss.

    But while there is a personal social network like facebook no buddypress site could race with them. So buddypress and buddyboss should have sth different like creating a special community. And communities need ranks like who is the most favorited member, who is the most mentioned and which post is more liked by the community i joined.

    As we can’t have real privacy like facebook we should make it work as a community based social network i say.
    Thanks for your reply.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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