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    Absolutely NOTHING takes effect when I make selections in the new Boss theme settings. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING happens with anything I do in there. My site is completely F&*KED UP, no buddypanel shows no matter what I do in the settings.

    For spending well over $100 on this DYSFUNCTIONAL AMATEUR theme, I feel completely ripped off.

    My site is completely FU*CKED UP NOW. I don't even know where to begin!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you actually do ANY testing?????????????

    I will open a PayPal dispute if these issues are not fixed within a week. Damn. Yeah, I'm f*cking pissed off.



    Worst part is, now my site is F**KED UP for how long until all this stupid crap can get fixed, if ever. God what a total waste of $160



    I have to agree over the past month things have really taken a downturn with regarding theme upgrades and issues being fixed in a timely manner.


    Hi @jomik12, Our team is testing all updates before get released. Sorry for trouble you have faced, please try to revert to earlier version as quickest solution. In each update we are trying to make our product more better and keep fixing issues.
    Migration script which saves values to new option panel is working fine.
    Please send your login details at @buddyboss.com">support@buddyboss.com we will check your site.

    If you are very unhappy with our updates and themes you just need to submit contact form for refund, no need to file anything on paypal.

    Varun Dubey


    I have reverted back to the previous version. Guess I'll just keep an eye on the forum here to see if things have been fixed. I hope you'll soon be releasing a version of 2.0 that actually works.


    We have planned to push an update within week with 2.0.1
    Varun Dubey


    This is why I wait for everyone else to install it first.. or install it on my development website. If you update anything on your live website without testing it first, it is your fault, not Boss. 😉


    So it's MY fault Boss makes an update that doesn't work.

    This numbskull does not hold boss responsible for releasing an update that doesn't work and breaks our sites. It's OUR fault folks!

    Boss need not test their themes and updates on many environments. It's up to us to do all their testing.



    @jomik12 Why do you run a website if you don't know where to begin? Begin with updating you child theme. This is what @vapvarun should have advised you … and please … all those “fucks” are annoying, numbnuts.

    It's true that since the outsourcing things are going a lot worse (they were going excellent btw), combined with a focus shift on social learner etc … the normal Buddy(Boss) users clearly have to be patience, the short communication lines are gone … and i'm not pleased either … but no “fucks” out of my mouth.

    I hope @michael , that you guys step up, the last 4-5 months things are not that good … (to put it mildly and not using the F-word 🙂 )


    Sorry, didn't know you had such sensitive eyes. Yes Father! (PSH!!!) I'll let hollywood know to stop using fuck in movies so much also. Better inform Facebook as well. Hell, I didn't realize it was still a “bad” word these days. We all have our own ways of expressing ourselves. Live with it numbnuts.


    @mth75 @jomik12

    Thanks for the feedback.

    We are not outsourcing things. We have a large full-time team working only for us, and we spend a considerable amount of our time on interviewing, hiring and training. We travel around the world to find the best people and we meet up together as often as possible. I am in Asia right now working with some of our staff. They are all very smart and dedicated and it's taken a lot of work (2 years) to build up this amazing team.

    We have refocused the team now so that everyone is working on product development, and you should see a lot of new products and updates coming out in the coming weeks. Boss 2.0 is evidence of the renewed focus, it combines a huge array of things customers have been requesting since it was first released and is a major improvement. Boss 2.0 went through an enormous amount of testing, many hours per day all day for weeks, and it is very stable. We took care to make sure every option was migrated into the improved options panel automatically on update, and tested this over and over. There may be some hiccups for people updating if they made edits previously. We cannot prevent people from editing code in a child theme, and this always has the possibility of breaking during an update as code will differ between the parent and child theme… I wish there was a way to prevent this, but there is not. When you update a plugin it's not the same, as you are unlikely to have edited the code of your plugin prior to updating.

    Also, you will notice that our support staff here has bumped from 1 person to 4 people in the past several months. I consider this to be a tremendous improvement as we are way more responsive now. We have someone in here pretty much 24 hours a day now, vs 2-3 hours per day previously.



    No child theme update appeared in my dashboard. Only the parent theme update. How does one update the child theme if there is no child theme update?



    The child theme will never ever update.

    That's the whole point of a child theme, to prevent your edits from disappearing on update. If we updated the child theme then every code edit you make would be removed.

    If you have not edited the child theme, then it effectively does nothing. It's a blank canvas for you to make your own edits in. If you are not making code edits, you are free to just activate the main theme and not use the child theme.




    That all sound great and dandy. All words. I have made NO EDITS TO ANY CODE. My site even has the same colors as the demo. When I bought Boss theme, I uploaded it and activated it, and any changes were made via the interface. I have never once touched code.

    Yet since updating to Boss 2.0, nothing saves in the new settings page. I make my changes in the settings. click “save changes”, they appear to save, but navigate away from the settings page, and then return, and those settings are back to the original.

    I then just re-installed the previous version so my site would work again. But now, in some plugins, changes will not save.

    I've had continual problems with user registration. No matter what anti-spam for buddypress registration I use (and I have pretty much used every one I can find), when activated, when someone signs up, it doesn't complete. It just takes them right back to the registration page. Left without anti-spam, it works, but then I get 100+ spam registrations each day.

    Since wasting $169 on Boss Theme and the plugins a few months ago, I have never had more problems with this site in it's 4 years online.

    Your words sound wonderful, and sound very professional indeed. Unfortunately, they're just words. I have to go by what I see and what is actually happening, what I've experienced, and now this 2.0 fiasco.

    What I mean by “I don't know where to begin” is which of the multitude of dysfunctions do I start with? Why do I run a website? Actually, I run 38 websites, perfectly. No problems. Because they're not running Boss theme. You see, there are many of us out there that run websites, but are not actually that knowledgable with code. That's why we PAY $128 FOR DEVELOPERS AND SUPPORT. If we could develop and do all this ourselves, we WOULDN'T NEED TO SPEND $128 ON DEVELOPMENTS.



    So if I don't need to update child theme, what the heck is @mth75 talking about when he says, “Begin with updating you child theme.” ??????

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