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    First bug: When I go in one of my courses, I end-up in the “home” tab, and that tab contains the description of the course and the lessons, etc., in fact the exact same content as if I click on the “course” tab. So that seems to be the first bug – 2 tabs are referring to the same content.

    Second bug: once I click on course discussions (or the forum tab), now the home tab contains the group activity.

    Is that normal ? it seems very confusing, that the home refers to 2 different places.

    Also I would like to change the tabs order, but I can only do it in the groups not in the course, any way around this ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you



    I think this problem has been highlighted before. Agreed it is a problem, a major one in my opinion. Please can we have a clear solution to this guys.



    Hi @adminchroncleproject-com and @happybynature, It is alreday submitted to our developers you will updated shortly on this.. at present, by default when you open a learndash course so it opens a course description and we have integrated this courses to the groups whose first tab is activity tab that's why we get a different tab on group layout when you click on the forum on any other tab..

    In future version it will be clearly mentioned as activity tab so it won't create any confusion.



    I see, thank you for your answer.

    Did you had a chance to look at my second question:

    We would like to change the tabs order, but we can only do it in the groups (with your reorder tabs plugin) not in the course, any way around this ?

    Thank you



    Hi @adminchroncleproject-com, Course tab is hard coded and tab reorder is only for buddypress defaults…if you want to edit so we need to modify it according to what you are using Sensei or Learndash.



    Pallavi, will the Courses option (for the Social Learner theme) be added to the BuddyPress Reorder Tabs plug in?


    +1 for adding Courses option to BuddyPress Recorder Tabs.

    I have previously requested it here:

    Best regards,


    Hi @mujano, Tab Order will also be updated
    At present our developers are busy with current task, hopefully after 2-3 week we can schedule something for BP Tab order plugin
    Varun Dubey

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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