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    I can’t begin to tell you how sad I am that I have to go back to rtMedia. But I can at least give you a list of “must haves”. These requirements are obviously tailored for my site, but to be competitive with that ‘other’ plugin, you’ll probably need to add these features.

    1. Apple uploads haven’t worked, ever. The first report of the problem seems to be on 9/22, and it’s now 10/10/2014. 23 days for this is completely unacceptable.
    2. Folders for media in groups.
    3. Multi-uploads per post.

    Some “Nice-to-haves”
    4. Resize image on upload.
    5. An automated way to switch from rtMedia to BuddyMedia without losing images.
    6. The ability to turn off photoswipe.




    @vincentka I’m sorry for all the issues recently but iOS 8 really messed things up for us so we need to start from scratch and figure out how to make the current way we upload photos compatible. I have forwarded your requests. Thanks!


    I agree with all of these points and have 2 to add- it would be nice if a single photo opened in a user’s profile, and not on a large white background with no sidebars or ability to edit the template.

    I mean the yoursite/members/username/activity/number that opens after you click to comment on the photo in the light-box.

    In my opinion the light-box should also be optional. It’s great to have but not as a must to view.

    Rtmedia have both of these features.


    I hate RT media too, but I could stand it if they would at least fix the drag and drop upload. It always beaks the its layout.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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