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    You're already familiar with my site (I'm using theme BuddyBoss with child Social Theme) and I've been wanting to add a “vendor” option to it. I first bought and installed WooCommerce's Vendor. But it looks like the dashboard is required for WooCommerce's Vendor plugin to work correctly and that option doesn't seem to be available with the current version of Social Theme (see ticket request titled “The WordPress dash board is not showing for non-admin users”).

    If I decide to move from WooCommerce's Vendor plugin and add WC Vendors plugin to replace it, would I still need the add on MarketPlace to my existing site?

    I am running WP 4.4, LearnDash and just about all the rest of your plugins. 🙂

    TIA –





    Hi @stingray309, If you are using Social Learner Package then MarketPlace is a complete different package that works with one social theme.

    You can check it out here: https://www.buddyboss.com/product/social-marketplace/




    So Social Learner or Social MarketPlace? Which theme suits me best?

    Please give me your thoughts as to which theme would be best to use for my website. I will gladly switch themes to a different theme (if that's your suggestion) since the site is not live yet. Here is what I attempting to create as an online community.

    Signup / Registration:
    There are 3 different levels of members: Free, Basic, Premium. I'm using s2Member.

    Outside of the above members, there are two (2) other types of members: Instructors & Vendors.

    An Instructor uploads his course material (we're using LearnDash), we approve it, people sign up and complete it, the instructor gets paid a commission.

    A Vendor uploads to his store page items he wants to sell to other members. The vendor has the ability to let other members purchase their products (like books, pens, flashlights, special cables, CDs, etc…). So basically the vendor sells something – we get a commission from that sale.

    I have s2Member, Woo Subscription, LearnDash, your BLOG plugin, Forum, Groups, your Wall plugin, and others plugins installed.

    Depending on the membership level, the user will be able to:
    Write on Walls
    Join as Friends
    Join Groups
    Take free & paid classes
    Access the forum
    Photos and Video Posting

    Component lists:
    I have s2Member, Woo Subscription, LearnDash, your BLOG, Forum, Groups, Wall Writing (and others) plugins installed.





    Hi @stingray309, If you are using Learndash, which seems your first priority to sell courses along with few stationery stuffs.. so you can go with your current theme and just add a vendor plugin with it which must be compatible with all the functionality you are using in the site.

    If you need any further help so please let us know..we will be more happy to assist you.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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