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    1) I would like to wonder where and how to add/edit default Social Networks fields you've added to the Boss Theme?
    2) Any ideas on how to link these fields to the form plugins entries? If I understood correctly you have the following meta names for respective fields: buddyboss_facebook, buddyboss_twitter, buddyboss_linkedin, buddyboss_google-plus, buddyboss_youtube, buddyboss_instagram, buddyboss_pinterest?
    I am using Formidable PRO and it works easy with the meta fields reflected in WordPress User Profile. You just take the name of the field by inspecting the element and link it to Formidable PRO respective field in Registration Settings. I tried the same approach with Boss Social Network's fields but it didn't work that way unfortunitely.



    Just to clarify my question is: In which table are those BP Profile meta names for social fields are stored (stated in the point #2)? Is that user_meta of anything else?


    By the way,

    I've been trying to enter username for Twitter at BP Edit Profile page and it was not saved. I haven't check that with other social fields. Do I miss something which is available in the Theme documentation or at the forum already?

    If you go to Extended Profile in WordPress back-end these fields are not available for edit.


    I am having the same issue with these items not being saved after I input them.


    And one additional question for the initial one. Are Extended Profile fields stored in a different DB Table from WP Profile fields? I try to use Formidable PRO to create user accounts and edit profiles but when I change Name or Second Name and update the form it is updated in ‘Display As' field of WP Profile but not updated in the BP Extended Profile ‘Name' field. That is also means that in the top right menu I still see the old name and in some other instances in BuddyPress section of the site. Any ideas on that?


    That is interesting that the problem with Show As name is only exist on PC and in Mobile version it seems pulling up Show As name from WP Profile but not from Extended Profile of BP.



    @imdyakov I am working on these questions now.


    Hello @imdyakov we had added them as user_meta

    those are the url fields and you have to twitter url there , not just @username

    If you do not want to use them and want to create other social fields in a group, you can create them in buddypress profile user fields and can removed the Boss default Social Profile fields

    function remove_social()

    you can add this function in functions.php of child them to remove them

    For the Formidable Register page, i have installed that also and set fields using that it work fine with the displayed username setting

    If you can provide the register setting page screenshot of Formidable that will help to what exact field mapping you are using there.

    Varun Dubey

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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