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    What would be the process to correctly add new social account links to the profile? I am setting up a network for designers and need a few extra accounts that are fundamental for what I am working on like Dribble and Behance?

    I know I can add extra fields via the xProfile but I need it to work just like the other accounts that show under the single profile page. Please advice.



    Hi @vefusion, this is on the request list,with medium priority. We have made some progress on it which is launched on 1.1.9 version which allows admin to hide/show social fields from given set. In next version hopefully will offer flexibility to include new Social fields.

    Varun Dubey


    I am looking forward to see this functionality available to us needing to add essensial social accounts that are relevant in our field !!! Thank you !


    Would be a nice addition 🙂


    It is added a medium priority task, we will start work on it shortly.


    Mi too interested on it. I would like to add at least a “Webpage” field.


    Please keep us posted on the update 🙂


    @vefusion @tomastd

    The final implementation of this will be in the next release. We have it working nicely.


    @vefusion @tomastd This is now live, and has backwards compatibility fixed from older Boss versions, so if you had Facebook checked before it should still show. And you can add new ones with your own logos/icons.


    @michael Thanks!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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