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    I would like to rename “Wall” on the Activity page for members. I would also like to rename and reorder the 2 first submenu items for this area (Wall / News Feeds / My Likes).

    I have achieved this with other plugins via the functions.php on the theme I am using. This is a sample of the code I am using (example of reordering the labels for Messages):

    //Change subnav for messages
    	$bp->bp_options_nav['messages']['inbox']['position'] = 10;
     	$bp->bp_options_nav['messages']['compose']['position'] = 20;
    	$bp->bp_options_nav['messages']['sentbox']['position'] = 30;
    	$bp->bp_options_nav['messages']['starred']['position'] = 40;
    	$bp->bp_options_nav['messages']['notices']['position'] = 50;

    What is the slug for Wall? And for Wall, News Feeds and My Likes?

    To change the labels, I am using:

    $bp->bp_nav['activity']['name'] = 'My Wall';

    Of course, this is not working. What would be the correct slug?
    Or is there any other method to do this without changing the plugin’s files?


    Diego M.



    Hi @diegomantilla,
    You can use translation string to convert them
    Check them with LOCO translate plugin and you will be able to change them without any code edits
    Varun Dubey


    OK. And what about reordering the subnav tabs?


    Inside the Wall plugin setting it will allow you to choose Wall / News Feeds for first position


    @vapvarun Hi Varun, I was able to rename the submenu “wall” label using the language file, however, this did not work with the primary member profile “wall” label. There is no place in the language file edit it. Is there an alternative way to rename the primary member profile “wall” label?




    Hi @markob17 Sorry for inconvenience
    It will be updated in next update it was fine earlier, seems it got broken in our last few updates
    Varun Dubey


    Thanks @vaprarun for fixing this in this recent update. Great stuff! Appreciate it.


    Welcome, I will close this topic
    Feel free to create a new topic for any further queries.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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