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    I don't need this rss feature. How do I remove it from all tabs?






    Thanks but this is in relation to the wall plugin. See my screenshot. I don't need the ‘News Feed' link, how do I remove it?


    You can find it in the personal profile wall 🙂


    We have converted Activate tab as Wall Tab and it is compulsory to keep primary slug, if you will deactivate it other activity related tab will also throw 404 errors.

    function remove_item_from_nav() {
       global $bp;
          bp_core_remove_subnav_item( $bp->activity->slug, 'news-feed' );
    add_action( 'init', 'remove_item_from_nav' );

    It should work . but due to our last update in the wall plugin which allow option to select primary tab as Wall or News feed, it's not working

    I have submitted to developers to take a look of it.
    You can also hide easily via css no need to use custom php codes


    Varun Dubey


    @vapvarun I am also trying to remove the ‘news feed' by simply hiding it using your code above in the custom.css however it hasn't worked for me??
    Am I correct that I just copy 2nd lot of code above and paste into custom.css on dashboard?


    @vapvarun I've just worked out that the code above is working on desktop layout but not mobile. How can I apply this to mobile also?


    @vapvarun I've tried your code above to hide ‘News Feed' from Wall but it's still showing. Any advice?


    @costyclan Sorry for delayed response
    You can easily hide with custom css and it's also working

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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