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    Hi Buddyboss team,

    This is a query on behalf of your paying customers.

    We like your theme. That’s why we bought it. Your support helps us keep our websites running and educating our audience.

    But, the recent updates to Sensei seemed to catch you offguard. That was certainly true for Sensei, and it seems to be true for the LearnDash version as well, judging by other threads on this forum. When we updated the plugin it caused significant problems to our websites that either took them offline completely or severely crippled them.

    I don’t know why the updates would be a surprise to your developers, since they are well forecasted and available to devs weeks in advance of their release.

    My question is this: Are we to expect this kind of hassle each time there’s a significant update from Sensei or LearnDash?

    I’m sure I speak for others when I say we can’t have our sites crashing for days without resolution – that’s not acceptable to us, nor should it be to you.

    Again, we do like your theme and the majority of users on this forum seem to be satisfied with the support they receive, most of the time – but we can’t have this happen again.

    Could the BuddyBoss team provide us some reassurance that this episode was a once-off, never to be repeated?






    Thanks for sharing your feedback and concerns.

    I agree, we were too slow to update Sensei and LearnDash. As of now, both products have been updated for compatibility with the latest versions of Sensei and LearnDash. Sensei was rebuilt with a lot of changes and providing full compatibility took us longer than anticipated, we should have started on that development earlier.

    You should not expect this kind of delay in the future, we are going to put more focus on these products and make sure they are updated more frequently. We have some nice updates coming pretty soon to both products, which focus on fixes and making them easier to setup and update. We will remove the dependency on a child theme, which will make it easier for us to push auto-updates to you. We are also setting up a 1-click install to replicate our demos (for new installs) which should make things easier for new customers. And we have plans for more features to roll out later in the year to our existing customers.

    In the future, if you see a major update from Sensei, please be sure to contact us first to make sure we have released compatibility already. We will do our best to have our updates in sync with theirs, but just in case, please check to make sure before upgrading.

    Thanks for your patience.



    Hi @michael and team,

    Thanks for your reassurance and for the update today (Boss for LearnDash 1.0.6). It seems to fix a lot of the major issues regarding the overall user experience.

    Right now there is a bit of a buzz around Social Learner. I have noticed a lot of new users plus more and more comments every day in this forum. So hopefully the user community will continue to grow.

    In any case we all look forward to a more regular update cycle and hope that Social Learner will continue to mature.

    Best regards,


    Hi @michael,

    Thanks for this response – I do find it reassuring.



    PS We need some new names around here…


    @mln83 @familybudgeting

    Thanks guys.

    We are continuing this week to make Sensei compatibility an internal priority, as there are still some lingering issues and we need to patch/test the rest. Once high priority issues are all resolved, we can push out our structural updates (no special child theme needed) and then move onto new features.

    We’re also doing some things to increase our support turnaround time, including hiring additional staff (we have a new support person starting today) and re-organizing some internal systems for how we manage communication. The goal is to provide fast responses, and fast patches to bugs, and we’re actively addressing these issues right now.

    And yeah we do have three Mikes here! I’ll go for Michael E.

    Michael E


    @michael Thank you! Much appreciated!

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