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    Hi there,

    The drop down menu has too many settings and profile links which makes it confusing for users (specially Vendors)!

    I have added a screenshot showing the too too many links. There is even an instance where there are two different “Profile” links which direct to two different pages.

    Could they be merged on one page? and the vendors would have another settings page on their dashboard on top of the ones your theme added.

    Please let me know if there is a solution for this.




    I forgot to mention there is a bug in the menu as showing in the screenshot.

    There is a number “3” next to the email link!


    Hi @omarobaid
    I have notified to developers and it should be fixed in next update.
    Span need a background color and some additional css which need to checked for header notification count also
    like this

    Varun Dubey
    BuddyBoss Support Specialist


    Hi @omarobaid
    It’s fixed in our current OneSocial update

    Varun Dubey



    Hello, I am adding this here and hoping someone can help with this! I haveWC Vendors Pro + One Social. My vendors currently can’t see the mail/ notifications icons at the top of the header nor can they see any links in the dropdown menu (basically the Buddypress menu including the Settings option) which means they aren’t able to tell if they have mail etc. They used to be able to ?
    Is there a setting that I am missing or code that I could add that will let logged in members see the complete menu?
    Thank you!



    It looks like there is an issue with OneSocial settings. That is likely responsible for the missing header menu items.

    Could you please try turn on the message and notification buttons setting?

    To do so, navigate to Dashboard > BuddyBoss > OneSocial Theme > Header.

    To help you further, here’s a screenshot that shows you exactly what to change in the OneSocial Settings.

    I hope this helps.


    Hi! I’m having the same problem with my Notification/mail icons not showing in the top bar. It seems to be linked to the WP admin bar. When I turn off the admin bar the icons disappear. I don’t want the WP admin bar showing for members. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? thanks!


    I just purchased OneSocial and I’m having the same issue as Leigh above. The Messages and Notification are both on “Show” in my settings, and indeed they do display for administrators, but they are not displaying for members. Is there a remedy for this, as this feature was one of the key reasons I purchased the them in the first place.


    it is suggested to use the “Support” link on top of this page if you need support on the matter…


    it is suggested to use the “Support” link on top of this page if you need support on the matter…

    I did so. Three days ago. Still no response.


    @sage Please make sure you have not disabled BuddyPress toolbar from Setting >> BuddyPress >> Options
    or you have not activated any plugin which disabled wp admin bar.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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