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    inside languages folder there are only EN and FR,
    where can I download the other languages?
    I need ES and IT also.

    Thank you




    @brincy we do not currently have those language files. You will need to create a new PO/MO file for those languages and translate them.


    Wouldn't it be kinda smart to make a resource for that? To make new languages part of updates than?
    Like just drop a “readme” into the languages folder with the information to use “Poedit” and an email address or something we can send our translated PO/MO files to and? That way we don't have to discuss it here in the forum. I could give you the german translation than!



    @snikay let us work on that for you, we'll figure something out soon.


    I need german and spanish please (y)


    Here you have it in spanish (es_ES).
    I add a first approach to Basque translation too (eu).
    Sorry, but I dont speak german.

    PD: It will be grat to have something for translation files. At least a forum topic where we can upload and search them.



    Thanks @tomastd for your contribution, we will plan about it for demo data files and language files as sticky topic.
    Hi @brincy, Tomas have uploaded spanish version.


    Hi, thanks @tomastd

    do you have spanish ready also for buddyboss wall and media plugins?


    Hi everyone,

    I would also be interested in a German language file (for the Boss and Social Portfolio theme) – does anyone have something started already? I will be happy to contribute if this helps…

    @tjchester have I missed some other place to look for language files (you wrote 5 months ago that there might be something available “soon”) ?

    Thank you

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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