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    I have found some navigation bugs in the above version. I have attached two pictures – social-learner.png & social-learner-2.png to give an overview of the bugs found so far.

    I will refer to three cases:
    User admin – the user who sets up the LearnDash course
    User request – the user who wants to request membership to the group
    User hidden – the user who (supposedly) can't see group items unless invited

    In all cases the user can see the entire menu (as shown in social-learner.png). The only exception is when admin has accepted a user request for membership – then ‘Manage' disappears from the menu (as shown in social-learner-2.png).

    Q: Why is it relevant to show the entire menu unless you are logged in as course admin?
    I would recommend removing unnecessary menu items for ordinary users without course privileges. Furthermore it causes a 404 error when an uninvited user clicks on one of the items marked in green and magenta. This is the case unless course admin has changed ‘Manage' -> ‘Settings' to ‘This is a private group'. When admin has changed to this setting an ordinary user can click on any menu item in green or magenta and ‘Request Membership'.

    When clicking on ‘Course' the link refers directly back to ‘Home' (social-learner.png).
    If you click on any other menu item and then click on ‘Home' you are now referred to the current course activity (social-learner-2.png).

    Q: Why is it necessary to jump around different menu items and then end up on seemingly different pages. It seems like a bug from my point of view?

    I would recommend renaming ‘Home' to ‘Activity' (this falls in line with the naming convention that you have given inside ‘Manage' -> ‘Course Settings'). ‘Home' or ‘Activity' as I would call it should show the latest activity inside the course for all invited users to give a consistent user experience. Furthermore content in menu item ‘Course' should be replaced by the current ‘Home' content.

    Furthermore I don't understand why the image / color above the menu bar (marked in yellow in social-learner.png and social-learner-2.png) changes? I would like it to have the same color or photo all the time. It seems like a bug to me?

    I hope this feedback is useful. I look forward to the next update. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Best regards,




    Hi @mln83, Thanks for your feedback we have already fixed that, in our development version. You will get it in our next updated version.



    Hi Pallavi,

    Sounds great!

    Looking forward to the next update.

    Best regards,


    Hi @mln83
    For Border below the Title
    You can use following custom css

    div#group-name {
        border-bottom: 0px !important;

    Varun Dubey

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