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    I put some Menus in Profil Menu and Buddy Panel.
    What I’ve seen is that both are different in style and appearance.
    Please check: http://www.koomune.com
    For this you need to register and login. Choose a TRIAL Membership in Membership Level while registering.
    No need to verified, etc. you can login right after the registration.

    View them in both Dekstop and Mobile view.

    	<li>No Menu in Buddypanel while A user is not logging in Mobile,but in dekstop mode they are appear. Try to see it in <a href="http:www//koomune.com/kenapa-koomune" target="_blank">THIS LINK.</a></li>
    	<li>A bit ugly for profile Menu in mobile while a user is logging in.</li>
    	<li>No Logout link in Mobile Menu if we dont put it there mannualy (Buddypress menu), BUT if we put it there, We'll get "Double Logout ", One is just a link, the other one is a Button.</li>

    Can you help me with this?
    Hopefully that can fixed in the next update, along with the js update for Visual Composer conflict.

    Thanks Guys,



    Hi @kharmabali,
    Please attach the screenshot for first 2 points and for Double logout links it is already fixed in our development version.
    Visual Composer fix is also done, and hopefully new version update will be released within week.

    Varun Dubey


    Here are some screenshot for Mobile and sekstop Menu.

    I want, Buddy Panel Menu still can be seen by a Non Login member or visitors.



    I Found out while in other page than Home page, the Mobile menu appears like this.
    Dekstop view also showing the menu like this, other than Homepage.
    which are like I wanted.
    I want while we are in Homepage, the menu showed up like this.

    A part from changing Icons and the separator lines.



    Hi @kharmabali, you can change the icons for the BuddyPanel
    Please take a look of following tutorial

    BuddyBoss Tutorials

    You can added Register and Login links from BuddyPress menu item to BuddyPanel

    Boss theme update is release please update it to fix VC issue.

    Menu separator are also visible might be some of your custom css is overriding
    Please paste you live site url, we will inspect it

    Varun Dubey

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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