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    Hi BOSS Team,

    I have another issue: error while processing this directive in the Left Mobile Menu.

    Things work pretty fine in the desktop view but users cannot open main navigation (left panel) as well as user’s navigation. If I click on the menu or the my profile button, it just jumps to the top of the current page and adds a /# to the URL.

    Additionally, before login, users cannot open the register/login navigation. It just jumps to the top of the current page and adds a /# to the URL.

    I attached you the code of the side inspector
    Do you know that issue?
    Ask me if you need more infos or access to deepen the analysis.

    to view: https://sport-und-ms.phil.fau.de

    Kind regards and a big thanks for all the good work you’re doing!

    Wordpress 4.3
    BOSS Theme 1.1.8

    Do you know this issue?



    Hi @rene-streber, Seems like you have included some custom menu inside profile menus, i had tried but not able to replicate it.
    Please attached a screenshot what exactly you have included inside menu options ?



    I attached you a screenshot with red arrows:

    Left panel (top down):

    • News (default for blog posts)
    • buddypress components
    • Forum (bbpress)
    • Veranstaltungen (events; static page for Events Manager)
    • Wissen (knowledge, static pages with submenu)

    Users Profile Menu

    • Pinnwand (Buddypress Wall)
    • Folge (follow, buddypress follow)
    • Foren (forum, bbpress)
    • Veranstaltungen (events; events manager)
    • Standort (location, static pages with submenu)
    • Medien(media, rt media)

    Events – Events Manager 5.6 (https://wordpress.org/plugins/events-manager/)
    Forum – bbpress 2.5.8 (https://wordpress.org/plugins/bbpress/)
    Wall – Buddypress Wall Version 0.9.4
    Dokumente – BuddyDrive 1.3.0 (http://de.wordpress.org/plugins/buddydrive/)
    BuddyPress Follow – Version 1.2.1 (http://de.wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-followers/)
    Location – GEO my WP Version 2.6.2 https://wordpress.org/plugins/geo-my-wp/)
    Media – rt media for WordPress, Buddypress and bbpress 3.8.15 8https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-media/)


    I will close this topic, it is also fixed with your group issue in earlier thread which is confirmed by you.

    it solved the problem.
    Group is just displayed one time and the “error while processing this directive” is also gone.

    Hi @vapvarun,

    this was a misunderstanding. It only solved the error message on the group site.

    The mobile menu has still the same error message (see attachment, under the menu)

    plus, it is still not working to open the register/login button.

    Hope you have an idea.


    Hey @rene-streber, i have notified developers about it, I will update you after their response on it.



    Similar issue here with BuddyPanel on Mobile, not opening and not loading (for logged out users).

    Please update us.


    Hi @lahir, Its due to remove depreciated live function, i have fixed inside your site.
    inside boss/js/buddyboss.js
    line 860
    .live with .on

     $('.acomment-reply, .item-list-tabs ul li a').live("click",function(){


     $('.acomment-reply, .item-list-tabs ul li a').on("click",function(){

    It is also added in theme development version.
    Varun Dubey


    Hi Varun,

    Sorry but this wasn’t fixed on my website, clicking on the toggle button on Mobile version (for Logged out users) is just reloading the same page and not opening BuddyPanel!

    Please let me know.


    Hi @lahir, the changes i had made at your site are not reflecting, please try to add them yourself via sftp.



    @rene-streber we are currently working on this issue but I was unable to find the issue on your website. Does it only happen on certain pages? Are you certain your subscribers see this issue or do you only see it as an admin? Have you tried disabling your plugins to see if there is a conflict?


    Hi Tj,

    I tried to figure out this issue with my tablet (mobile view). I checked if the issue happen on specific pages:

    As Loggod Out User:
    It is not possible to open the login/register-area.

    As Logged In User (I was logged in a normal user, not as admin)
    I found this issue on the news-page and on the profile editor (mypage.de/members/user/profile/edit). It is not possible to open the buddypanel nor the profile’s menu.

    News Page is the Blog page of WordPress.
    When I try to open the buddypanel, the current URL is extended: .de/currentpage/#

    It is possible to open the buddypanel from all other pages as well as the profile menu(s).

    Does it narrow down the issue?

    Another issue that is eventually connected
    I had an issue with the group media page https://www.buddyboss.com/support-forums/topic/boss-group-media-issue/#post-44690. Varun Dubey helped me to solve this issue. The same issue is present at the single profile media page (attached).
    It’s the same error message as it is in the buddypanel.
    Plugin rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress version 3.8.20

    PS: in the mobile view, there is no log out butten anymore. However, it is displayed in the desktop view on my PC.

    best regards


    Hi @rene-streber please pm your site login details. Developers need to check your site once.



    @rene-streber our developers have been hard at work troubleshooting your issue but they are stumped with the current resources available to them. Can you please email you server error logs (you may need to contact your hosting provider for this) as well as FTP access to [email protected]? Thank you for your patience as we strive to resolve this issue.


    Hi @tjchester,

    I am so sorry that my respoonse comes so late. I aksed for the error logs and will immediately send you the ftp access.


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