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    when would this be ready to work in a live website varun?

    why do you release themes and plugins which are not stable?????

    your plugins cost more then a BP theme and we get half working or non working plugins…..

    fix the issues or refund me back

    @frankwarwick @akhilvij @conscious-crafties @herve @earld @nerdnorth



    This plugin is good & thanks to the developers for coming out with it.

    But it has a lot of CSS issues, the foremost being it conflicts with TinyMCE & Other Plugins Buttons layout especially when you are minifying the CSS & loading it in the footer. Please check if you have over-rided any statement with CSS specificity.

    I had to edit my parent css, and over-ride statements there. PS, Why have you mentioned Medium everywhere even if its a clone

    Habib Ali


    its certainly not working for BP multisite. i didnt get this “PS, Why have you mentioned Medium everywhere even if its a clone”


    @wrkazigmail We are working on a big update for User Blog, all major issues are in testing and we'll have a release out soon.


    Great looking forward to it


    Hi guys, several weeks have passed with 2 update releases of this plugin and a release of a new plugin but this one is still is not working in multi site.

    I see it was mentioned by @vapvarun that “if you are using BP multinetwork, it need to be activated network wide” but I want it only on the main site and I would expect that it would be.

    Again, it's disappointing to purchase a plugin that just does not meet its own expectations.

    I do hope that this issue is addressed very soon


    Hi @frankwarwick

    Sorry for long wait time.

    Release Notes

    Multisite fixes are in queue.
    In our last update we had fixed following points.

    = 1.0.5 =
    * Tweak – Better edit icons for ordereded/unordered lists

    = 1.0.4 =
    * Fix – Content not displaying in single post
    * Fix – Category display in front-end
    * Fix – Assigning category from front-end
    * Fix – Translation issues with blog slug
    * Fix – Added formatting for ordered and unordered lists
    * Fix – Removed bookmark icons from custom post types
    * Fix – z-index issues with sidebar
    * Fix – Link on username not working, in post creator
    * Fix – Comment disabled issue when post is updated
    * Fix – Responsive CSS issues

    Varun Dubey

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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