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    As a noobie to coding, editing, html, css, and all things wordpress and buddypress I thought it would be nice to share a few things with the buddyboss community. Besides, buddyboss itself is truly a social network about the creations of the BuddyBoss team.

    The first step when editing is to remember to be patient, have google, wordpress codex, and the buddyboss community bookmarked for quick access. One thing about the buddyboss theme is that if you atleast make the attempt to find out an answer for yourself you will not only learn a thing or two, but as an individual you will bring more to the buddyboss table.

    Look for yourself, if all else fails as the support team. Many of the questions being asked repeatedly have already been answered or have documentation. The search bar is your friend, all you need to know are keywords.

    Add tags to your questions and post that are relevant. This makes the search bar more effective in finding answers for newcomers as well as those who want to ask the same question. Tags are very effective tools in organizing and retrieving information. Please use them. For example: If your question is about how to remove the title of a page, a good effective tag would look something like this [editing page titles,removing page title,editing titles]

    Get to know the people around you, and take interest in each others projects. This not only allows you to get ideas from other users customizations it also gives you an idea of the limitlessness of the theme. My own url is https://www.unitechrist.com and as I said before I am just now birthing the ability to edit, code, and go under the hood so my site may look a little “stock” #fornow

    Report Plugins that you know won’t work with the theme. This can truly speed up our productivity as a whole by knowing which plugins are just not working or are not compatible. This thins out useless questions, and keeps us all alert as a group. For example “#CoursePress” just doesn’t work for me.

    Be respectful. More people are willing to help someone who is able to take a breather, ask for help, and actually reply atleast a thank you for help they received. Don’t burn out the support for questions they have already gone over a million times lol.

    Share your ideas “request” in detailed manners. This will help others view the importance and usefulness of your idea “request”. Thus, a higher possibility for seeing it in the next update 😛

    Above all have fun, and everything else will fall into place. If your code is clean.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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