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    I'd like to remove the page titles from showing at top of page on ‘Activity', ‘Members', Groups etc



    Following as would also like to know 🙂


    Hi @costyclan,

    Try adding following css in child theme.

    body.activity .entry-header,body.groups .entry-header,body.members .entry-header {
      display: none;



    Perfect @anve, thanks so much.


    Great 🙂


    That removes the page title from standard pages. Good!

    Is it also possible to remove the page title from one specific, individually made page? It may sound silly, but I can't find out how to stop that title from displaying. 🙂



    PS: I found a little plugin called “Toggle Page Title” that adds a button per page to do just that. So that's solved for me.


    Hi @jofeuerstein,

    Great you found your fix . 🙂


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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