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    Love the theme and all the work you have done with it magnificent. We are just familiarizing ourselves with the theme and how it functions, for bear with me if this is redundant, or noob sounding.

    some initial questions:

    1-The “Home” navigation link (buddy panel left) on the demo (desktop/mobile) – can that be configured to show the feed of members that you are following rather than a traditional static home page?
    -Or have the mobile side, “Home” link on the (buddy panel left), show the members you are following and on the Desktop side when “Home” is clicked on the buddypanel(left), have a widgetized page that shows more items?

    2-Share Post with your followers – I didnt see a feature for this?? Are you planning this in future releases or is there a plugin for this? This is a HUGE part of a social network…sharing.

    3-Didnt see a counter for sharing, or likes either??hmm

    4-Mobile posting didnt allow me to use the “gallery” on my Galaxy S5? I could only take a picture or video – we are using rtmedia

    5-Recieved error when trying to post image from mobile – “unable to complete due to low memory” Hosting on wpengine

    6-Didnt see a way to reposition the profile background image?

    7-On a mobile device – change search bar to a magnifying glass icon and opens a search (like on Tumblr) on a click?

    I know that we will have more questions as we get more familiarized with this theme but we like it, so far, because we can then try to use this for an app that resides on Android and Apple




    @digliv I’ll answer each question separately:
    1) Absolutely, this is a fully customizable WP menu changeable in Dashboard > Appearance > Menus
    2) I’m sure there is a plugin out there for that but I haven’t researched it.
    3) It counts once there are more than 8 or so likes
    4) This is an android issue, for some reason it’s called documents now
    5) This is a hosting issue, you are simply trying to upload an image beyond the limits your host allows. There is a plugin that will crunch photos called Imsanity: https://wordpress.org/plugins/imsanity/
    6) This has not yet been developed
    7) I’ll pass this along to the devs

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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