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    Hi, I am currently using Learndash & Social-Learner. Do I have to create a group for each course I have? If so, how can I setup auto-enrollment for users who sign-up for my membership area. For example, when users sign up i want to enroll them in all courses/groups automatically. I dont want users to be able to leave groups or create thier own groups either.

    Im also having an issue with my Enroll button not showing up on a course. I created a group, assigned a course to it and I am seeing the forums, members button below the course overview on the course homepage, but i am still unable to “Enroll in the course”. Even though the group is set to public, I dont see a button enabling me to enroll in the group or course. When i click on the “Members” button, for some reason it is kicking me back to my homepage again. My test user is not enrolled in the group, shouldent I see that option from the course homepage?



    As you can see I am enrolled in the group, but I had to do it manually through WP Admin. Still dont see the enroll in course button.



    Hi @toppointmarketing, Bydefault user will get auto-join in Course's group when he will take / purchase the course.

    Please make sure you have configured the course price option or connected it with membership section correctly..

    Course Price Type – Select the price-type for the course. There are five options (Open, Closed, Free, Buy Now, Recurring).
    ​Open: User is not required to login or register in order to access the content.
    ​Can also be used if protecting the courses with a non integration membership plugin.
    Free: User is required to register and login in order to access the content.
    Buy Now: Leveraging our built-in PayPal, user is required to purchase the course in order to access its content.
    Recurring: To charge recurring payments using our built-in PayPal.
    Closed: Can be used for internal training, where only users being manually assigned to the course can have access. Also useful if using one of our shopping cart add-on – fill out the URL box and the ‘Take this course’ button will link to the shopping cart product.

    If you still getting issue with “Enroll in the course” button so please send your site details through or contact us page with the thread url.
    We will check the site.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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