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    Is there a way to add categories to a group so that when a user creates a group they are then asked to select what ever categories fits into that group so other users can navigate and find that group quickly in the future?



    The groups component in BuddyPress allows members to create their own mini-social networks, each with its own homepage, activity stream, member directory and administrative panel. In networks where groups play a big part of the social activity, it becomes important to have a way to label or classify groups. When a group doesn’t have a full description, it’s not easy to differentiate it from the others or find similar groups.

    BuddyPress core doesn’t yet have native support for group taxonomies, but the possibility is on the horizon with a ticket open for discussion. In the meantime, Mathieu Viet has created a solution. Viet, better known as @imath, is a BuddyPress core developer and author of Alternative Public Group Control, an experimental plugin that adds finer control for public groups.

    you may also try

    This plugin allows you to assign tags to BuddyPress groups in order to categorize them. You can then show a clickable tag cloud above the group listings or as a widget. BuddyPress 1.9 friendly.

    New to version 2.0. You can show group activity stream based on tag. For example, if you have ten groups tagged ‘sports’ you can show a combined activity feed for just those groups. It’s powerful stuff for larger sites with lots of conversations. using the gtags_group_activity() function you can even find the activity of groups that share two tags, or you can show activity for two tags added together.

    Group Tag activity shortcode example: [group_tag_activity tag=Love show=10]

    There is a group tag activity widget

    There is an admin where you can turn off and on different aspects of the group tags as well as customize the tag cloud.

    BP Groups Taxo is another experimental plugin that he created in order to provide a solution that would be maintainable over time. After researching, he found a way to register a custom taxonomy in order to provide tags for the groups component.

    The plugin allows group administrators to select tags when creating a new group.


    I tried that plug and it broke the Localization plugin I have for editing the “group” names. I had to uninstall the group tag plug. Conflicted somehow.


    I will do some research in to the issue

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