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    Putting a request in for a fixed header child theme, allowing Buddyboss to function as nearly all social networks do – with the key and user account links fixed in place for ease of navigation.

    I've tried to do this but it's not really practical in the current setup without being able to set a different menu for mobile.



    +1 to that request! Did find this child theme here at BuddyBoss.com, not sure if that's what we're looking for but sounds about right?



    @angslycke The Fixed Navbar theme is similar to the design used on this site, put out by the good folks here after a number of requests. I'm very close to having a fixed header theme, which I've done as a separate child theme myself. Happy to share with you when it's finished.


    @style960 Does that mean that it's the “wpadminbar” that's fixed? What I'm looking for is what I have now with another theme, a fixed navigation bar that makes it easy to access the main links. Check it out here (scroll down):


    Would be really interested to see your work. Thanks!


    @angslycke The header containing logo and the access links you've described are fixed. I've created an additional menu to do this (available in WP Dashboard) – for desktop and tablet only. The normal Primary menu is used on mobile only and hidden on desktop and tablet. The header height is reduced to 45px to mirror Facebook / Twitter.


    @angslycke This is moving in the right direction, needs tidying up:


    @tjchester Any idea why the Register / Login links aren't showing on mobile?



    @style960 Wow, looks great! Exactly what I'm looking for, want a smaller header with just a logo and the navigation links to save space and highlight the most important links to increase engagement by users. Is a lot of CSS needed to achieve this? Would love to see your code.


    @angslycke Not much CSS no. I've registered a new menu in header.php after the logo and site title elements, then applied the CSS from the primary menu, to the new one. After that, set primary menu to not display on desktop or tablet. I should get this finished of tomorrrow. Will PM you the child theme when it's done.


    Deepak BuddyBoss

    @style960 I will definitely add this to the request list as I know several other users have requested as well.


    @tjchester That would be great, I need this pretty much straight away so I may need to use my own on at least one project. @angslycke I'll send over what I have by Friday – I'm on holiday for 10 days after that.


    @tjchester Excellent! This is a much needed feature for me, will switch my community's theme to BuddyBoss once I can get this sorted out.

    @style960 Sorry for not getting back to you! Hope that holiday was great! 😉 If you did finish this I'd be really happy to see it. Thanks!


    @angslycke @tjchester I did get this done yeah but I went down the route of using the admin bar to act as the header.

    I figured since the logged in user account menu was there, it would be tidier to keep everything on the same level. From a users point of view, I believe it's better and will be more familiar to people. If at some point you decided to switch themes, your fixed header would remain unaffected.

    You can recreate what I've done with one plugin and some CSS. I'm using a second dashboard plugin at the moment which is causing an issue on iPad portrait and mobile, but I expect that to be resolved soon. If not, I'll just uninstall it.

    I'll PM you a login…

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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