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    As the title says I am experimenting with minor changes to the social learner layout using the WP Beaver Builder plugin.

    I have noticed that using this plugin I am unable to remove the page title unless I change the Page Attributes – Template to ‘front page' every time.

    It seems that the page title is hardcoded into the various other BuddyBoss Page Attributes – Templates.

    Is there a way to circumvent this (alias remove the page title while retaining the righthand bar which I don't want on the frontpage?) so I can modify the layout?

    On a related note is it possible to create my own Page Attributes – Template perhaps using the frontpage template as a starting point?

    Best regards,



    hi @mln83, you can easily create template files inside the child them to override the parent template file.
    Title is part of page template and it is not included as option to hide it.


    Dear Varun,

    Thank you for your response.

    After working a bit with the WP Beaver Builder plugin today I found an easy way to get rid of the page / entry title.

    For anyone else interested I will include the solution here:

    1. Open Page Builder
    2. Go to Tools -> Edit Global Settings
    3. In ‘Default Page Heading' choose ‘no'
    4. Change CSS Selector to ‘.entry-header' (this is the CSS used in BuddyBoss for the page title)
    5. Save and publish. The title should be gone now.

    No need to edit page template or perform any coding – Nice 🙂


    Thanks for your feedback, we have not tested with WP Beaver Builder yet..
    This will be helpful for those one which will like to use WP Beaver Builder
    Varun Dubey

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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