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    Hi there,

    I have created my site with learndash and social learner theme. I am facing an issue with the profile page.

    the page is: http://www.campus.scorecampus.com/1. You can loginwith userid: test01 and pw: password

    I am still building the site so it is still a work in progress. For now, I need help with the profile page. When I click on ‘My Profile’ on the left, I come to the profile page. I would like to edit the tabs that are under the cover picture of that page. How can I do that?

    Also, I would like to edit the tabs that appear when I hover my mouse over the top right hand corner with my username and Display pic.

    Hope you can help me!





    Hi again,

    I will really appreciate a response on this.





    Hi @scorecampus, My profile contains Buddypress default items it can not be manage through navigation option you can only add items into that..

    To remove or reorder those tabs please check the thread we have already discuss on this one.

    Click Here

    And For menu items under Cover pic you can use ‘ BuddyPress Reorder Tabs’ plugin to set the position according to your requirements but this plugin was created strictly with the design and intent to only reorder tabs.

    If you want to remove any tabs so let me know I will provide you function for that one.

    And if you want to add tabs there, check the BuddyPress codex to find the functions to add additional tabs to these pages manually.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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