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    @bharatxxx007 @arnold-burian @kosmic7gmail @ryanmaler @antonkawasaki @spilomac @yann @umutguncan Please add this code to your child theme functions.php to disable select box javascript until we are able to resolve this issue.

    function bb_dequeue_script() {
       wp_dequeue_script( 'selectboxes' );
    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'bb_dequeue_script', 100 );



    Good work on the theme…but i had some issues

    1.I wanted to know how can i change the ” What’s new” text above the textarea…i tried to edit printf
    in wp-content\plugins\buddypress\bp-templates\bp-legacy\buddypress\activity\post-form.php but when i refresh the page it shows for a second and then again changes to the same default text again

    2.Also how can i shift the add photo button downwards below the text area next to post update button as shown in the pic attached




    @bharatxxx007 we use our own translations. I suggest you change it using the translation file.

    any idea how to move the Add Photo button?


    @tjchester thnx for the reponse .. can i exactly get to know the location of the .po (translation file as u said) file from where i can edit that string..



    @bharatxxx007 here is the location wp-content/themes/boss/languages/


    @bharatxxx007 you can gtab files from wp-content/themes/boss/languages/ and keep edits files inside the wp-content/languages/themes/
    add a prefix to boss theme language files boss-XX-xx.po and boss-XX-xx.mo

    That will keep your edits persevered even you update the theme.

    for the add photo button that is injected inside what’s new via js
    look of
    inject_markup: function()

    inside Buddyboss-media.js

    if you like to move that location you have to edit that js file

    Varun Dubey


    Just noticed a small alignment issue with forums (topic type and topic status). Screenshot attached.

    This was actually there before the recent wordpress update, too.



    @arnold-burian what browser and OS were you using when this error occurred?


    Confirmed on:

    Windows 7, on both the latest versions of Chrome and FireFox.
    Mac OS X Yosemite on latest version of Safari.
    Windows 8.1 on IE 11.


    I have two questions regarding moving the “Add Photos” button:

    #1 Can we get a little more info on how to position the Add Photos button down below the textbox and to the left of the “Post Update” button? Something like this?

    inject_markup: function() {
    if ( $add_photo.length && $whats_new_content.length ) {
        //$whats_new_content.before( $add_photo.html() );  <-- CHANGE THIS LINE LINE
        $whats_new_content.find('textarea').after( $add_photo.html() );  // <-- TO THIS?

    #2 I have tried editing the buddyboss-media.js file, but it appears that the buddyboss-media.min.js file is being used instead. How can I get it to regenerate the “min” file?

    Also, where can I put this .js file to prevent it from being overwritten when a new version of BB Media is out?

    TIA for any help with this!



    As you can see in the photo the date selector is not aligned properly. How could I fix that? I resorted to this support topic https://www.buddyboss.com/support-forums/topic/profile-fields-2/, but the css solution was not effective on this case for some reason. Also, another issue is the drop downs did not change after choosing values. Only after clicking save changes did the drop downs change once the page reloaded. Image is cropped, this is on an 11″ Macbook Air.



    @ryanmaler try this now:

    #buddypress .standard-form .buddyboss-select{position:relative;}
    #buddypress .standard-form .datebox{padding-top:20px;}
    #buddypress .standard-form .datebox label{position:absolute; top:-20px;}

    I will again contact the devs about this new issue.



    That took care of it. Thanks @tjchester



    The “Add Photos” is appearing out of alignment (margin/padding). This is present when viewing from iPad 3 (which is the attached picture) and iPhone 6. Both devices tested on are up to date with Safari and iOS 8.3. I am currently using Boss 1.1.5



    I’m noticing there seems to be lots of alignment issues whenever the profile fields are displayed in an editable form (Edit Profile, Register, BP Profile Search form, etc).

    It’s at it’s worst whenever there are multi-select drop-downs or checkboxes in a row. Attached is an example of what I mean from an Edit Profile view.

    Is there some way I can force each field to be on it’s own separate line, and not result in this diagonally stacking situation going on?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    EDIT: Noticing another issue during Edit Profile mode. When I try and select a new option in a multi-select drop-down, it won’t “show” the new option. It looks like the previously picked options stays remains, and there’s no way to change it (but when you click save, THEN the change applies). This could prove quite frustrating when people try and edit their profiles…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 49 total)
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