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    I cannot solve a problem even after full days of searching on the web : on my site, when I call one of the menu item from Buddypress (activity, groups, members, events), it is the user's directory that show up. Same for activity, groups or events.
    As I want my site to be a social web, members need to access the global directories, unless private or hidden items.

    probably the answer is very simple but I could not get any answer anywhere. Many others ran into that question.





    @joandaqui haha, this is not really an issue, just a simple WordPress sorting blip. Don't look for the global links under BuddyPress. They are under the pages section, the the View All sub-tab. Hope this resolves your issue.


    No; absolutely not. You did not reach the point : on the menu tab, indeed I can see a buddypress tab under the pages. That the links I use. But those items link by default to MY USER's directories (activities, friends, groups, agenda) and not to the base directory as it is supposed to do.
    You get it ?


    Same in buddypress page setting : all pages exist and are linked correctly.
    So practically, Buddypress tabs link to htttp://DOMAIN.LTD/members/my-account/activity and cannot access to the base directory through the url http://DOMAIN.TLD/members/


    I got it : I've been tricked cause I set the menu with the buddypress items and not from the page menu. I guess that was what you were saying but maybe my poor english forbade me to understand.
    As you say, a sorting blip. You learned to me those words. I will remember them : they cost me two full days of pain !

    Thanks anyhow !


    🙂 Glad you got it.
    Varun Dubey

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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