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    I want to change the title of ‘Friends’, ‘my friends’, ‘add friend’ etc to ‘Vendors’.
    How can I do this please



    Hi @costyclan,

    Please attach a screenshot of the pages from where you want to replace the text with ‘vendors’.



    In every place where buddypress states friend/friends. I believe it has to be changed via language file?
    One example is in the members directory I would like to change ‘Add Friend’ to ‘Add Contact’.
    My members directory is used as a ‘Vendor Directory’ for brides to find wedding vendors, so I want to call them contacts so that she can make a separate list of the vendors she’s using to plan her wedding. Hope this makes sense.
    3 screenshots attached with examples highlighted in red box.



    Hi @costyclan, You can easily translate it through Loco Translate plugin

    just install the plugin

    Go to plugin option
    Select the Plugin and theme to change the string..

    For help:



    thank you @pallavi, installing and attempting to use plugin now. Getting the following error:
    Other potential issues with OneSocial

    Theme does not declare a “Text Domain” .. Loco has guessed “onesocial”
    Theme has a strange POT file name (xx_XX.pot). A better name would be “onesocial.pot”
    Should I change the .pot file name to onesocial.pot ??
    Also, I use a child theme but do I run this plugin on main theme?
    What happens after theme updates?

    Thanks Pallavi this really helps me out


    So I’ve created the .po and .mo files just not sure where to put them? Child theme, Onesocial theme or wp-content/languages ??
    Amy I way off?


    Hi @costyclan
    Ideally xx_XX.pot should be saved as onesocial.pot

    it should be like this where xx_XX is your language


    Varun Dubey


    the translation has worked for some areas but not others. See attached screenshots.
    Can you tell me how I can change the other items highlighted?


    I may have answered my own question… I need to do translation for each relevant plugin including Buddypress, not just the theme, correct?


    Yep, got it all working. Another question though…
    How do I change the URL to /contacts (as per attached screenshot)



    Hi @costyclan, To change the slug, you can use from within bp-custom.php
    define ( ‘BP_FRIENDS_SLUG’, ‘whatever’ );

    whatever should be exclusively alpha numeric, lower case, without any special character or ponctuation.



    @anonymous where do I find this file? Do I copy it and move to child theme?


    Disregard my last. I think this article answers my above question. I have to create the file if it’s not there right?



    I’ve tried to change the URL using the code suggested in bp-custom.php file
    This is the code that I have in file:
    define ( ‘BP_FRIENDS_SLUG’, ‘contacts’ );
    and you can see in screenshot attached that the url has not been changed??


    Hi @costyclan

    You can simply use language files and edit all the terms.

    You will need to take care of language files of plugins and theme both.
    Marketplace plugin
    BuddyPress plugin
    WC Vendor Plugin
    WC Vendor Pro plugin

    OneSocial theme

    Varun Dubey

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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