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    I saw that this team was translated all ready to Dutch for 99% But how can I set it up?
    Where can I download the right files en where I have to upload them. And then how I turn on that language.


    Kind regards,
    Daan Ragbourn



    Hi @djragbourn
    We have provided tutorial for our one of theme, you can also use it for reference.

    BuddyBoss Tutorials

    You will have language files inside /boss/languages/
    Copy these files /boss-child/languages/

    You are translating your copy of Boss into German. Copy en_US.po and en_US.mo on your local machine and rename them to de_DE.po and de_DE.mo, the German (Deutschland) country codes as specified at this resource. Now open the PO file in Poedit. The software should display a bunch of lines of text which you can translate. Select any line of text, make your translations, and when you hit “Save” your MO file should get auto-updated on your machine.

    Once you are finished translating every line of text, confirm that both of your changed files (MO and PO) are in your child theme’s language folder located at /boss-child/languages/ and upload the modifications to your server.

    Varun Dubey


    Dear sir, madame,
    I'm trying to get the Dutch version for Boss child theme working, however, it only shows a German version at the moment. I've read this topic:


    However, the Dutch Translation files are not downloadable anymore.

    Could you repost them?

    Kind regards,




    Are the DUTCH (not german) PO and MO files available?
    And if so, were can I download them?

    Kind regards,



    I am also curious about this. Also found some mentions in the changelogs, but can't find them in the theme, nor in the plug-ins.

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