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    The Plugin BuddyPress Docs has its own Search Filter but BuddyPress Global Search is taking control of it. I need the Docs search to work independently. If i turn off the Global Search Plugin it works as expected and uses Ajax to show results to filter without leaving the Docs page.

    The Global Search settings allow me to exclude post types, but what I want is for the search field on the Docs page (not the top search bar in the website header) to only Search within the Docs and not the entire site. If I turn off the plugin Global Search the Docs search/filter works perfect and only searches the Docs, further more the results are shown via ajax and dont take the user to a Search Results page. It acts more as a filter.

    I want the top header search bar on the website to utilize the Global Search plugin and search the entire site but I would like the “search filter” on the Docs page to work independently from the other site search and only search docs..

    Any ideas? I am willing to modify the Plugin Code. How can i stop Global Search from taking over the Docs Search…

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