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    BP for LD v 1.0.7 conflicts with WP 4.4.2. When it’s enabled I’m not able to change themes (theme details od add new them buttons doesn’t work, as well as some WP submenu items).



    Hi @bcim
    Buddypress for Learndash add menus in Setting >> Buddypress Learndash, nothing inside Appearance

    Please try to debug with deactivating Buddypress for Learndash.

    Varun Dubey


    I have already debugged it. As I have written it happens when plugin is being enabled.


    Can you please unswer this ticket?



    Hello Krzysztof!

    Could you PM a link and login detail to the site where you experience the issue, so I can take a closer look?

    you can PM me via this:




    I’m my opinion, I agree with @jerseypeeps….
    They have to improve their support…thats the reason why we pay for plugins, themes, etc….


    @fer1000er @bcim
    If you still need assistance please simply open a new tickets (linking to this one if necessary)
    and one of the team will be only too happy to help.
    Varun Dubey

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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