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    Hi guys,


    BuddyBoss User Blog editor is not loading. Specifically, the ability to create a new post (sap-post-crest.php). Other components, blog, bookmarks, are loading and working fine.


    MultiSite / OneSocial Child / BuddyBoss – User Blog – Wall – Media – Inbox – Global Search – Reorder Tabs.

    Latest version of WordPress / PHP / MySQL


    – Reset permalinks.
    – Tried running TwentySixteen Theme.
    – Tried deleting User Blog and uploading original files 1.0.3.
    – Tried deleting User Blog and uploading fresh install of files 1.0.3.
    – Tried deleting User Blog and uploading fresh install of files 1.0.2.

    A bit baffled by this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Hi @stephen
    Sorry for inconvenience.
    User Blog have known issue with multi-site and it will be fixed in our next update.
    I have also requested your login details in email thread.
    Varun Dubey


    Hi Varun,

    I responded in the email thread with login details.

    Any chance you can inform me when the next update will be along and if there are any patches/fixes in the meantime so I can carry on with my build until the update?

    Thanks for your time.



    Hi @stephen, We got the details…it is notified to our development team on high priority..when it will be we will inform you to make those changes.



    Hi @Pallavi,

    Thank you for keeping me abreast. A timeline/information is more important to me than rushing the results, so I appreciate you keeping in touch with me.

    I understand this is a new product, alongside many other new products you have just released. In addition, new updates to BuddyPress and an upcoming update to WordPress can't be making it easy on your development team at the moment. As such, I am more than happy to be patient in this.

    Ideally, there will be a fix in the next few days, but so long as it comes within the next few weeks, I will be a happy customer.

    If there is a patch before the next major release, I would however appreciate that, so that I can make the final revisions to my own code/environment for testing.



    Any updates?

    It would be nice to know when to expect a fix. I had asked pre-sale (over two weeks ago) whether these products would work together, was told that they would, and as of yet, they don't.

    I can see that many others on this forum with minor bugs and even customizations are getting much more attention/communication, when, I have a product that actually doesn't work. Moreover, I was told above after purchasing that this was a known issue at the time of purchase.

    Please keep me informed on the progress of this fix.

    In the meantime, it would also be nice to get some kind of response to the question I had asked below four days ago, in order to continue my development process while I wait for the fix:



    Following this one as I've also just purchased User Blog and can't use it at all 🙁


    Any news on an update/fix yet?



    Hi @stephen, This bug has been sent to the developers but is still pending (already in development mode), I will ping them again.

    @conscious-crafties, This issue is related to multisite installation and you have single site, this issue is not related with yours 🙂
    If you are having any difficulty with it so you can create a new thread with proper description.



    Thank you @pallavi would love an estimated date but I appreciate you responding with this in the meantime.



    Hi @stephen, Our team is working hard on preparing the next release, we will let you know as soon as it’s ready. I am unable to tell you the exact time, but we’re doing our best to speed things up.



    Hi @vapvarun and @pallavi,

    I just did the latest update and this issue still persists. It's been a month now without resolution and I cannot wait for another monthlong development cycle, if it is even fixed by then. At the minimum I need a patch to resolve this issue in the meantime and I would like you to get your development team to prioritize that.

    At the time of purchase, I knew this product was early in its life and would have some kinks, which I am comfortable with, however, it is also why I asked @vapvarun specifically before purchase what would work together and what wouldn't. I purchased $500 Canadian worth of product from you guys, which is a big commitment, but also, because I was told everything would at least perform its basic function. I need you guys to show that same commitment.

    I am not talking about some minor tweaks or stylistic issues, many of which are raised by others, and answered quickly, and most I see are solved in the latest update, rather, I have a product that doesn't function at all. I find it unfair that after a month of being misled that this hasn't been seriously addressed yet.


    Hi @stephen
    Sorry for it, It's next in the queue.
    It should be ready within 1-2 days.
    Varun Dubey


    Thank you so much @vapvarun,

    I am very happy to hear that. I was quite concerned that I would be waiting another month or more. Otherwise, I am very pleased with all of the products thus far.


    Hi @stephen,
    It's fixed at our end.
    It was the issue only when user blog plugin and BP both are active at network end.
    at your site, You have activated BP at network site and you are trying to configure onesocial and userblog at subdomain.
    for this purpose you will need to make subdomain site primary for the BuddyPress first.

    Installing on a Secondary Blog

    then active user blog on sub site only.
    I have requested for SFTP or FTP details via email, to make sure it should work fine at your site.
    User Blog will be active only single site on which BP is active
    Varun Dubey

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