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    Can Boss be installed without Buddypress?

    Sounds like a stupid question but here goes:

    My main site on a multisite network has buddypress.

    However, it is not activated at the other ‘child' sites.

    I want to know if Boss is activated on the main site with Buddypress, can it also be activated purely as a blog on a non-buddypress multisite site?





    Do you mean that you do not have multi BuddyPress networks inside single multi-site WP installation? If this is the case this is normally way of doing things when you have BuddyPress hosted only at one blog of one WP network. That was the initial concept of BuddyPress as a tool for different blogs users networking. But you can activate Boss at any sub-blog which is not the core place for hosting BuddyPress but you will still have access to all it's features (like special BP menus and so on). If you access BP from another blog of the network you will be redirected to the blog hosting BuddyPress but you can always go bag to any sub-blog and do whatever you want not related to BP.


    Thanks @Ivan

    Are you support staff? Or a super helpful community member?

    I agree, I have Buddypress running on the main site.

    This wall like button… can it be embedded on network sites? So that people can like content and add it to their wall?



    @johnny absolutely, you can use boss without BuddyPress.


    I deactivated BuddyPress and now i can't log in to my dashboard?
    And on other pages i get a 404 error
    Even from a private page, i try to log in but i get a white screen. What can i do to get back to my dashboard and re-activate buddypress

    Thank You


    figured it out, it was a corrupted php file in the theme, so i removed it and all is well.



    Great News!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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