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    This has been a problem with the past couple updates as well. Every time I update Boss, the “Start Quiz” button no longer works in LearnDash, and the Mark Complete timers disappear.

    The only way I have found to resolve this issue is by reinstalling LearnDash every time I update Boss, but this is not an acceptable solution. I am going to reinstall it again for now because I want to have the issue resolved immediately, but, for future updates, please do more testing to resolve this problem with your theme. Boss and Social Learner are advertised as smoothly integrating with LearnDash, but it has been full of problems from Day 1.

    I see that some others have posted about additional problems with Boss 1.2.2, such as the login buttons not being available on mobile, etc. Some of those problems were issues in previous versions of Boss. Please fix known issues before releasing updates so that we do not have to redo patches and other manual fixes every time we update this theme. Thank you for understanding.



    Hi @cheech1981
    I have already requested developers to make it as option for users and let them choose on the basis of their requirement.
    Varun Dubey


    Hi Varun,

    I wasn’t aware of the blog page error.

    My current problem is that the Mark Complete and Start Quiz buttons do not function when I have Boss/Social Learner active as the theme. It is not a plugin issue, because when I leave all plugins activated as usual but switch to Twenty Fifteen theme, the buttons work just fine. I can resinstall LearnDash as a temporary fix, but then, usually a few hours later, the problem continues, and it only seems to be a problem when I have Boss/Social Learner active. Basically I am unable to use Boss/Social Learner with LearnDash. Any ideas of why this is happening?


    Hi @cheech1981, Please send your error log file at [email protected] with ftp and wordpress login details
    Developer will check them , you have already reported these issues earlier but seems it’s your site only.
    Last time developer were not able to replicate the issue at development instance.

    Varun Dubey


    @vapvarun It’s not his site only, I have the same exact problem, I can’t start a quiz when Social Learner is activated but if I switch themes it works fine. I purchased this very expensive theme because I thought it was fully integrated with LearnDash but it’s actually very buggy. I’m quite disappointed at the level of support too, which is slow and not very helpful. @cheech1981 did you get this resolved in the end?


    Hi @mb42
    Sorry for inconvenience

    Please send you login details from our contact page, we will check at your site.

    add following function inside your child theme functions.php

    function sl_child_dequeue_styles() {
       wp_deregister_style( 'sfwd_template_css' );	
    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'sl_child_dequeue_styles', 9999 );

    Varun Dubey


    @Merltxell I did get it fixed, but it’s been quite a while so I don’t remember what we did. Varun was quite responsive and helpful with me, so I’m sure he’ll help you as well.


    I should have added that I understand your frustration with the timing of the support (I think it is usually helpful when it comes, and they do tend to respond well during their hours, but those hours do not always coincide with site owners’ hours).

    Considering how widely used this plugin is, BuddyBoss should really offer live chat support, because, as site owners, it’s difficult for us to wait entire business days to fix usability issues, especially when they are so essential as registering, loggin in, taking quizzes, etc (and, to be frank, considering how often issues seem to arise with the product). If BB is not willing to spring for that, then they should at least have more people answering the support questions to cover more time zones and to make it easier for them to reply faster. I don’t blame Varun or others because I’m sure they have a lot of tickets to work on–that just shows that more people are needed, live chat is needed, etc.

    Mods–please kindly pass this on to whoever makes decisions about live support.


    @vapvarun the suggestion function that removes the learndash style sheet does not fix the issue mentioned. Having same exact problem.

    Could you share how the issue was fixed for other users previously @cheech1981 @vapvarun?


    @mmmastery Please submit Ticket with your site login detials, we will check your site.

    Varun Dubey

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