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    I use Learndash ,woocomerce, paypal. After course purchased I need to go to Users – All users – Find user profile who purchased the course and manually enroll them in to they course.
    1) How I can make this process automated?
    2) How I can send course related email after course purchase?



    hi @crowdsparks

    You do not have to manually assign student to course.
    You can follow up this documentation if you are interested to sell them via WooCommerce

    If you want to use WooCommerce, you will need the following installed and activated:

    • WooCommerce
    • LearnDash
    • WooCommerce Integration

    Once installed, here are the steps:
    Setting up WooCommerce

    Navigate to WOOCOMMERCE > SETTINGS > CHECKOUT, and make sure that Guest Checkout is disabled.
    Create a new product under PRODUCTS > ADD PRODUCTS
    Fill in the title and product description
    Add a price
    Click on the PRODUCT DATA dropdown, and select COURSE
    Select the appropriate course title in the course list
    Add any other feature such as sale price featured image, etc. Publish
    Quick note: I always like to add a link to the course page under PRODUCT DATA > ADVANCED > PURCHASE NOTE to make it easier for the user to navigate to the course once purchased
    Copy the product link

    Setting up the Course

    ​Navigate to COURSES > Edit and scroll down
    Under PRICE TYPE select CLOSED
    In the CUSTOM BUTTON URL field, add the product link
    ​This will create a button that redirects the user to the WooCommerce product
    As a final side note, we recommend opening a separate browser window to test from a non-logged in user to see all the buttons, etc. as the admin is automatically enrolled.

    You can download free addon from http://support.learndash.com/bonus-woocommerce/
    Varun Dubey

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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