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    Hi @michael and @tjchester, and everybody else.

    I just had this idea-

    How about openning another forum here – that will be moderated by members (to take some of the work load off TJ) and will be about sharing solutions and observations on buddypress and working with it within the buddyboss theme?

    I feel there is already a sort of community here, users become friends, email each other, help out, so why not open a forum that will make some of this knowledge shared between buddyboss users?

    I think a lot of times questions in the general forums regard buddypress and not the theme/ plugins, and could be redirected here instead of sending the member to the buddypress general forum- that has a few moderators, yeah, but is really huge and hard to search.
    So all of these questions can be moved to this forum and we will try to help each other.

    How about that?



    @milena Excellent idea. Anything that can bring a quicker answer and is easier to find solutions on than the BP forums can only be a good thing.


    @milena @style960

    Milena, I think this is a fabulous idea. Thanks 🙂

    I just created this new open, un-moderated BuddyPress forum. If people want to volunteer to moderate it they can request moderator access from us. But for now, just having an open area to discuss general BuddyPress things is a cool idea and here it is.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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