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    When someone navigates to the sellers or stores pages I set up in Marketplace, it defaults to filter (or sort) based on “most active”. The issue is I have stores and sellers, but it shows as “Browsing all shops 0 of 0 sorry none were found”. If I change the filter/sorting to alphabetical, it shows correctly. This also happens in the sort by most recent.

    To me this seems like a bug, since someone may think there are no stores or sellers on the site. Is there a way to have the default display as alphabetical?




    George- Did you end up getting help with this? I have the same issue. Thanks.



    Sorta. The latest release shows all my stores now.

    I still don’t know how the change the default, but it is no longer that pressing for me since everything is showing.


    Hi @jeronamosolutionsgmail-com
    Each vendor need login once to get their profile active and after their first login they will be start displaying inside seller and shop list.

    If your users are not active

    You can use following codes for a while and make them active.

    You can remove following codes after they will be active.

    function activate_users_patch() {
        global $wpdb;
        $wpdb->query( "UPDATE {$wpdb->users} SET user_status = 0 WHERE user_status = 2" );
    add_action( 'init', 'activate_users_patch' );

    Varun Dubey


    hi i have exactly same problems as described above, CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS?
    if everyone having same problem then why buddy boss wont fix it in tehir actual theme?

    why do we have to go through this nightmare?

    The seller is active, proved, verified, confirmed and listed many items but still cant see him under /sellers/ NOR /stores/



    I have logged in several times and my store still doesn’t show up. It continues to say 0 out of 0


    figured it out. It will not display your shop if you do not have your paypal info added.



    I have a big issue with my social marketplace site from buddy boss

    When I click on the tabs sellers and stores nothing happens! I have set sellers and stores page in the marketplace just like the youtube channel advises. I have also set the url via visual composer from the front end.

    I have gone into pages and there is nothing there that actually exists. It doesn’t even show the page as zero sellers it advises there is no content and to create content to the page! Please help I have emailed u twice now and no response. I have also messaged twice on youtube which you have ignored my message and answered a message that wasn’t even a question!



    Please provide me where i can remove this code. In witch file

    Thank you

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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