Boss for LearnDash 1.3.1

Released June 21, 2018


  • Fix – Course Navigation widget style improvement in pagination
  • Fix – ld course info widget style improvement
  • Fix – "Send Invitation" link is visible for the users who do not have permission to send the invitations
  • Fix – Fontawesome 5.0 upgrade
  • Fix – The topics label on single course page is not changing on course page from Learndash settings
  • Fix – Course description typography issue fix
  • Fix – Style glitch between course excerpt and SEE MORE button fixed
  • Fix – Removed unused Learndash Courses sidebar
  • Fix – Upload Assignment Box layout is broken for topic pages
  • Fix – String in the learndash.js file is not translatable
  • Fix – My Achievement widget style improvement
  • Fix – Course Short Description is not showing when Boss for LD active
  • Fix – ld_topic_list displaying courses instead of lessons
  • Fix – Removed legacy forum support from buddypress group single template
  • Fix – Lesson Topics string is not translatable
  • Fix – RTL support added
  • Fix – Lesson custom button text not working
  • Fix – Profile pagination fix
  • Fix – Course categories dropdown style fix on All Courses page
  • Fix – Course category not displaying if we remove WP category
  • Fix – Display course tags and category on a group course page
  • Fix – Display course tags on a single course page
  • Fix – Display learndash course category on single course page