Boss for LearnDash 1.2.9

Released January 12, 2018


  • Tweak – Shorten course description string up to 60 characters in course grid
  • Tweak – Added logic to load more Course participant asynchronously in Course Participant widget
  • Tweak – Remove hardcoded Course Teacher widget from single course screen
  • Tweak – Template updated course_content_shortcode.php, topic.php, quiz.php, profile.php, lesson.php, course.php
  • Tweak – Added "See more" and "See less" button into Course grid box
  • Tweak – Allow reorder lessons and counts text in course statistic string
  • Fix – Allow LearnDash Stripe integration to change button text to "Use PayPal" or "Use a Credit Card"
  • Fix – Support parameter course_points_user="no" in [ld_profile] shortcode
  • Fix – Translation fixes
  • Fix – Fixed course menu on a mobile device
  • Fix – Fixed PHP warning
  • Fix – Removed margin between cursor and draggable box on matrix sorting quiz
  • Fix – Added support for an additional material for lesson, topic, and quiz
  • Fix – Moved course author avatar on the right side of course grid box
  • Fix – Remove extra white space from course teacher\’s message title
  • Fix – Styling glitch fix of the Upload Assignment box in Lesson
  • Fix – Fixed Fatal error when Boss for Learndash plugin is the network activate
  • Fix – Remove group tabs from the Course page which is connected to hidden group for the non-groups members
  • Fix – Added space between course title and subject line in the message that sent from the Contact Teacher form