Boss for LearnDash 1.2.0

Released February 11, 2017


  • Fix – LearnDash v2.3 compatibility
  • Fix – LearnDash v2.3 feature for users to review their quiz answers from their profile
  • Fix – Styling of default LearnDash profile page is broken
  • Fix – Course Participants widget is displaying a number of non-existent users (right sidebar)
  • Fix – Stats column is missing from LearnDash profile
  • Fix – User Course Info is missing from Users > Edit
  • Fix – When changing Course Label from LearnDash settings, BuddyPanel icon is removed
  • Fix – Mark Complete button not working when clicked
  • Fix – When in a group template file Print Certificate is missing
  • Fix – Price of course is not visible with LearnDash PayPal default for paid courses
  • Fix – Code cleanup