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Modified on February 4, 2014

In this tutorial I will teach you how to manually install WordPress. I am assuming you have access to FTP (to upload files) and the ability to create a database at your server. If your server has “1-click install” for WordPress, you may prefer to use that method, in which case you should contact your web host and ask how to access their 1-click install.

Before watching this video…

  1. Purchase web hosting (see below)
  2. Create a database at your server. Save the database name, username, and password.
  3. Set up FTP access at your server for your domain.

Web Hosting

  • Find a reliable web host. My favorite is KnownHost due to their uptime, excellent hardware, great customer support, and reasonable pricing. BuddyBoss is hosted there (SSD-2 option) and we’ve been very happy with them.
  • You can start with cheap shared hosting if you’re on a budget, but BuddyPress queries the database constantly and your site will be slow. You’re much better off with a fast SSD (solid state drive) and a ton of RAM (memory) on your own dedicated virtual server (no other sites sharing resources). It makes an enormous speed impact.

1. Upload WordPress to your server (0:28)

  1. Download the latest version of WordPress from wordpress.org/download.
  2. Unzip the folder.
  3. Upload all files to the root directory of your domain on your server, often /public_html/ or /httpdocs/.

2. Edit your wp-config file (2:03)

  1. Duplicate wp-config-sample.php and rename it to wp-config.php.
  2. Open wp-config.php using your favorite text editor.
  3. Add your database name next to DB_NAME.
  4. Add your database username next to DB_USER.
  5. Add your database password next to DB_PASSWORD.
  6. Add your server hostname next to DB_HOST. On most servers this will retain the default of localhost. Check with your hosting provider to be sure.

3. Install WordPress (3:45)

  1. Go to your domain in a web browser (like Chrome or Firefox) and refresh the page.
  2. Add your site title.
  3. Create a unique username (avoid “admin” for security purposes).
  4. Create a unique and strong password. You can generate a strong password here.
  5. Add your email. This will be used for admin notifications by default.
  6. Check if you want search engines (like Google) to be able to index and display results for your website (can be changed later).
  7. Click “Install WordPress” and then log in using the username/password you just set up.


  1. We are in the process of building a new site for one of our clients that will incorporate Buddypress. In your video, you indicate that we can install WordPress via the 1 Click Application install via our web hosting company, Media Temple. I’ve been told to use Buddypress you cannot use a 1 Click App, but need to do it manually. Is that the case or can we do the 1 Click? Obviously we are interested in your Theme as well… Just need to get things set up first.

    1. You should be able to install WordPress via 1-click install at your web host, if Media Temple offers that service in your web hosting panel. BuddyPress is a plugin for WordPress and will not be available via the 1-click install. But once WordPress is set up all you have to do is go into the dashboard and search for the BuddyPress plugin and install it like any other WordPress plugin.

      Here’s our tutorial for installing BuddyPress: https://www.buddyboss.com/tutorials/buddypress-install-and-setup/

      If MediaTemple specifically said you need to manually install WordPress in order to use BuddyPress, then do that. But it doesn’t make sense to me. WordPress is WordPress. Once it is installed you can then install BuddyPress like any other plugin. I think they meant that BuddyPress is not available via the 1-click install on the server.

      Glad you’re interested in the theme. If you have more questions just let us know!

  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve heard the 1 click install for WordPress do not install it properly for Buddypress to function properly. I’ll give it a go and see what happens….

  3. Sorry for the second post, but what I’m driving at is whether I can install WordPress with the 1 Click app. I understand if you use the 1 Click app to install WordPress, Buddypress as a plugin will not work. I’ve heard you need to manually install WordPress via FTP which sits up WordPress properly to run Buddypress. Just read through my posts and wasn’t sure what I was asking was clear… Am I still good to go with the 1 Click Install for WordPress or do I need to do it manually? The following is a link to where I learned this:


    1. I checked out the link. I see this in the BuddyPress codex:

      WordPress should be installed manually i.e. via FTP, cpanel, etc. and NOT via webhost scripts (fantastico, softalicious, etc.)which bring about numerous issues when BuddyPress is activated.

      I’ve never actually seen any of these issues surface in our support forums, but just to be safe you may want to install it manually.

  4. Hi, I am about to buy domain name and get it hosted at A Small Orange using their basic level VPS hosting.

    I will have cpanel. I am new to all of this stuff and new to wp, etc…

    I have both softaculous and fantastico (as I understand it) if I use one of these to install wordpress, then do I need to do any of the 3 steps above?

    With one click will it still ask me to do things like create a database name, username, and password? or will it all be rolled into my hosting account user name and password with the one click naming the database for me?

    Sorry I am brand new and like the idea of one click install since I know little to nothing, but have also seen the warnings that Brent above mentions. I will be installing buddyboss and will have no other pages as far as I know except what buddyboss offers – the site is completely private and will be an online space limited to people who are part of an actual live in-person local social group, and they will need to register – wait for their email address to be checked against our social group registry, then when approved to to the pay membership page, then into the site… no other pages.

    I want to make sure I do all the right set up things because I do not know about this stuff at all and am learning as I go!

    many thanks – : )

    1. Hi Clara,

      If you use Fantastico, then you can skip this entire tutorial. This is for a manual install of WordPress. Fantastico will run a script that downloads and installs WordPress for you on your server. It should have a step that requires you to manually pick a username and password.

      Follow this person’s tutorial on using Fantastico to install WordPress:

      After install, you will still need to set up WordPress.
      See: https://www.buddyboss.com/tutorials/wordpress-setup/

      Then once WordPress is installed, go ahead and install BuddyPress and BuddyBoss:
      BuddyPress install: https://www.buddyboss.com/tutorials/buddypress-install-and-setup/
      BuddyBoss install: https://www.buddyboss.com/tutorials/buddyboss-install/

      WordPress is pretty forgiving. Once you have it installed, if you mess up something it’s usually possible to go back and fix it later. Have fun learning!

      1. thanks much.

        I am struggling with the whole hosting piece. I am not technical at all… don’t know what cli or ssh, php, etc iss…

        and I set up with a cloud vps and I thought managed meant they kinda handled making sure the site was up and running and if it went down they were on it.. I was wrong apparently it means they handle the super dooper genius level technical stuff and you handle the techncial stuff of which I don’t know the first step in preparing a server to be able to one click install wp…

        from what I am understanding, I have to be the one to monitor the site all the time to see if it is working or not, and if it goes down or doesn’t work properly then I get a hold of them and they help me figure it out.

        I am not able to dedicated all day every day to watching over a site, I don’t have employees of any type, so I am thinking that keeping the site up and running is something out of my league.

        I am sure I can sort out wp, buddypress and your theme, but being responsible for a server and backups and having someway to monitor it 24/7 and getting it set up initially is out of my league.

        Being a non-tech person, I need it to be a mostly hands off thing. I cannot be at my job, say, and have the site stop working altogether or have chat stop working, and just stop what i am doing to address it.

        I am often away from a computer in my work, so it sounds like the private network won’t really fly without a couple of hired IT type folks to keep watch over it and deal with the hosting service when it doesn’t work.

        Thanks much for your quick reply and your theme looks great…


    2. Hi Michael Eisenwasser It seems like I’m 3 year late to jump on this boss theme. Just a quick question, Brent post is similar to mine, I’ve actually downloaded WordPress via softaculous and now downloaded buddy press, next to buy the boss theme. should I uninstall WordPress and reinstall it manually. In case there are issue… and since time has past what’s you opinion on this matter. If I need to reinstall what would be the process of removing it from softaculous side of thing….

      Also sent a email to support with regards to the Boss theme and additional plug-ins, need to variably to talk to someone about purchasing a full packages of great plugins. Thanks Samantha

      1. Samantha,
        Over the past several years I haven’t seen too many issues with the softaculous install of WordPress. I don’t think you should worry too much. Hopefully you already got a response to your inquiry about purchasing a full package. If not please email us directly at [email protected]

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