1. We’ve added a Course Grid page using [ld_course_list order=”ASC”] . The heading for the page is Archive – how do we change that to Courses, or something else?

  2. i just downloade the files,

    and when i install an activate the file, and then i check my website i get this error for all the pages:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_is_group() in /home/ferslash/public_html/wp-content/plugins/boss-learndash/includes/main-class.php on line 462

    i am using godaddy host services using wordpress ver. 4.3.1

    please help me



  3. guys thanks a lot for your quick replay i was paranoid, it would be nice to include a note about this issue in the list of downloads that you send to your clients 😀 again thanks


    fernando martinez
  4. TJ:
    the words course, Edit, edit your comment, lesson and the frase: steps complited, are not translated to spanish (the rest of the words in the whole site are ok in spanish) how can i translate this words.
    (i got this misstranslation inside of the courses)

  5. Hi! I just installed the one-click-installer for learndash, but now i can’t accsses the page, because my admin account seems to be deletet. Can somebody help me with this?

      1. HI, i am a little confuse, after already download the boss-child theme, there is another child theme, the social learner (Boss child theme) so which one is the indicated to use?

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