BuddyBoss App - Version 2.2.40

Release date: Apr 16, 2024


  • Enhancement: Library – Update Axios Library from Version v0.18.1 to v1.6.2 benefiting from improved functionality, security updates, and overall stability
  • Bug: Styling – Due to spacing issues in the blog posts some text were overlapped and being cropped
  • Bug: Core – When using selecting a reaction to a post in apps using RTL the left and right gesture function was not changing to match
  • Bug: Activity – When the app is opened the Activity block did not update automatically
  • Bug: Core – Critical Error when adding a File block with disabled “Show download button” on the App Page
  • Bug: Forums – When replying to discussion with many tags the message input text preview section would not show until hiding the keyboard
  • Bug: Paid Membership Pro – When non member users login they will be automatically redirected to the membership app page and when users with a membership login they will not be automatically redirected to the membership app page
  • Bug: Branding – Body font set in the branding menu section was not then showing in the app frontend