BuddyBoss App - Version 2.3.00

Release date: Jul 09, 2024


  • Enhancement: Core – Updated Google Play Billing Library to version 6.0.1 supporting new in-app purchases, improve performance stability and bug fixes
  • Enhancement: Custom Development – Created new hooks for the registration screen terms of service and privacy policy link. Also the sign up link from the login page
  • Bug: Groups – Schedule Posts for Group Organizer or Moderator were being posted immediately
  • Bug: Core – The member permission API was not being called after a user re-logins in
  • Bug: Profiles – Profile field Number type was not appearing on the registration page in the app
  • Bug: Core – App was crashing after login in with the app attached to a multisite setup
  • Bug: Activity – When uploading a video on the comments after uploading a photo the photo would duplicate the photo in the upload modal
  • Bug: App blog – Embedding tella.tv video in app page using the html block was not working
  • Bug: LearnDash – Users were unable to continue Quiz in the web after starting in the app
  • Bug: Styling – Discussion and reply option title and label was overlapping
  • Bug: Core – Privacy and Terms & Condition modal was not showing content correctly
  • Bug: LearnDash – Loader spinner on the start quiz button is now showing again
  • Bug: LearnDash – Review Question button did not update the question’s status
  • Bug: LearnDash – Comments for LearnDash Topic and Lesson Assignments were not showing
  • Bug: Core – Stopped the app calling the AppStore from every frontend page until required
  • Bug: LearnDash – Quiz sorting and matrix sorting in quizzes in Android devices were not working correctly
  • Bug: LearnDash – The lesson topic timer was not showing correctly. The pop-up message for the topics was also not displaying correctly
  • Bug: Core – Videos taking too much time to respond on Android