BuddyBoss App - Version 2.2.80

Release date: Jun 12, 2024


  • Bug: Groups – When viewing the groups page in the app on iPad was causing the app to crash
  • Bug: Core – When logging out and logging back in again the app would crash in some circumstances
  • Bug: Custom Development – The reusable screen GroupActivitiesScreen was crashing the app
  • Bug: Media – Deleting a Folder from the Documents tab in a user’s profile was causing the app to crash
  • Bug: Core – Keyboard failed to show up on an iPhone 13 mini when creating an activity post
  • Bug: Activity – When Pining a Post from the activity comment modal would cause an unexpected error in some cases
  • Bug: Media – When viewing members documents as logged out member would crash the app
  • Bug: Core – White space was showing in the web view after closing the on-screen keyboard on Android
  • Bug: Forum – Full description for forums were not showing
  • Bug: Messages – A white screen was showing when trying to add more recipients into an existing message
  • Bug: In-App Purchases – On a fresh install of the app when selecting to Restore Purchases for the first time was showing an error message rather than the default pop up messages
  • Bug: App Blocks – App blocks were refreshing while navigating back from any other page
  • Bug: LearnDash – Quiz Sorting was not working correctly
  • Bug: Core – When scrolling through activity posts or comments to read more in some cases the feed was pulling the same posts and comments from the previous pagination
  • Bug: LearnDash – When a starting a Quiz that has no answer provided yet an empty answer error would show
  • Bug: LearnDash – Topic auto-completion on LearnDash Video Progression was causing the app to crash
  • Bug: Core – Adding the Export data page directly into the More Menu when clicked did not display correctly