BuddyBoss App - Version 2.2.00

Release date: Feb 21, 2024


  • New Feature! – We have provided a new feature that allows admins to create a dynamic app link and link preview to Apple and Google app stores to be shared by members from various places in app to members favourite external apps
  • New Feature! – The Profile Avatar User Initials is a new setting to allow site owners to set the default user avatar to use display name initials with different background colors. We have also added this feature to group avatars.
  • Enhancement: Core – Implemented pull down to refresh function for Web Fallbacks through Tab Bar, More Menu and iFrames
  • Enhancement: Coding Standards – Updated React-Native-Vector-Icons Library from Version 9.1.0 to 10.0.3, potentially benefiting from enhanced functionality, performance optimizations, and overall stability
  • Enhancement: Coding Standards – Update TypeORM Library from Version v0.2.19 to v0.3.17 – potentially benefiting from performance optimizations, new functionalities, and improved stability
  • Bug: LearnDash – App was crashing when answering Assessment type Quizzes
  • Bug: Styling – Header spacing has been reduced
  • Bug: Core – Link previews were not clickable, irregular padding, and link preview information was hidden using when using the dark theme on Android
  • Bug: App Pages – Quick Links Block title was being cropped if title exceeded the 3rd line
  • Bug: Media – When scrolling the Video directory quickly users were encountering a critical error
  • Bug: LearnDash – Line breaks were not reflecting correctly on LearnDash course pages
  • Bug: Core – Removed page break widget support from app browser wordpress web fall-back pages
  • Bug: Core – Course Author’s profile showed incomplete details if accessed from a course screen
  • Bug: LearnDash – The start course button when opening the downloaded course while offline was not working correctly
  • Bug: Core – The registration activation link did not work when redirecting user back to the app
  • Bug: App Pages – The Row block’s content was not aligning correctly in the app