BuddyBoss App - Version 2.1.80

Release date: Jan 24, 2024


  • Bug: User – Users would encounter a one-time critical error after uploading a new document and then changing the document privacy
  • Bug: Messages – When pressing Send to send message the button would stay highlighted and clickable while the message was sending in the background causing multiple messages if the user kept pressing the button
  • Bug: Core – In web-fallback, some pages were unable to load links when clicked
  • Bug: LearnDash – Uploading images on an Essay or a Open Answer quiz type in LearnDash you would have previously been shown an unsupported media notice stopping the upload
  • Bug: Styling – Feed title in App header bar was not properly aligned on iPad
  • Bug: Core – When a user viewed a private message and then received another from a second person, if then clicked on the push notification to open the new message, you would be directed back to the message thread you were already on
  • Bug: Core – Links within a WordPress page was not opening in the external browser when selecting External Browser on within the Link Handling setting
  • Bug: Core – Links were not working for images when using Media & Text blocks in app pages
  • Bug: Styling – White loader removed while downloading documents
  • Bug: Styling – Branding colors were not being reflected correctly on darker color backgrounds
  • Bug: Blog – Embedded url’s in blog posts did not redirect users as intended