BuddyBoss App - Version 2.1.50

Release date: Dec 11, 2023


  • Bug: Core – When view a blog from the all categories filter, then selecting the same category again from the filter and closing the filter options, this would then remove all posts from the view
  • Bug: Media – The Edit option was not showing in the menu option on Android when selecting to edit photo albums
  • Bug: Media – When downloading media videos, photos or documents there were missing permission when using Android 13 and above
  • Bug: Courses – Non Login User showed the My Courses option on Courses and Course Categories pages
  • Bug: In-App Purchases – Restore Purchase option started loading infinite issue on iOS
  • Bug: Styling – Documents file icons were showing cropped
  • Bug: Profiles – When in the Edit Profile page the ability to slide between the profile filters would not load the fields correctly in some cases
  • Bug: Core – The add group icon was not visible on Android
  • Bug: Core – A blank page was showing when clicking the back button on an App page when selected by a restricted user
  • Bug: Media – The down arrow icon is small on the documents page All Documents filter
  • Bug: Media – Image with Lightbox effect on Elementor opens the image in a new tab instead of opening in Lightbox
  • Bug: Groups – The Accept or Reject member request button was not updating to show whether the member had been accepted or rejected
  • Bug: Core – The date profile field language was not reflected on signup screens
  • Bug: Styling – When adding custom color to both frontend and backend the Quick Links block icons in app pages were displaying incorrectly
  • Bug: Core – Date field in profile field was showing one day late
  • Bug: Core – My Groups filter count on the videos page was not updating