BuddyBoss App - Version 2.1.20

Release date: Oct 31, 2023


  • New Feature! – Pin to Activity feed also know as Pin to Posts
  • Enhancement: Custom Development – Added hooks for Profile screen
  • Bug: Styling – Mark All Notification ellipses icon color was not changing inline with branding
  • Bug: Core – Removed repo access token from github
  • Bug: Custom Development – When using filterscreen.js, this caused the app to crash with default filterscreen code
  • Bug: Forums – Could not start a discussion after joining a group
  • Bug: Messages – Send button issue caused repeated messages
  • Bug: Groups – Users were unable to report members from the Group members list
  • Bug: Media – Links inside SVG image types were not working
  • Bug: Forums – Video & Document content was not showing when you tried to edit content within a group or standalone forum discussion
  • Bug: App Pages – Links were not working within the HTML block from app pages
  • Bug: App Pages – Links on Custom HTML block from App pages are not working.
  • Bug: Styling – Within Send Invites the keyboard would cover the Recipient Details input box on iOS
  • Bug: Styling – Within the course directory the download button and the downloading button was not align
  • Bug: App Pages – When refreshing the page on iOS the load icon was being hidden
  • Bug: Styling – Screens using search bars had a layout issues where the search bar was hidden behind the camera island on latest iOS and Android models
  • Bug: Styling – Logged out members icon in the more menu was slightly cropped
  • Bug: App Pages – Images were redirecting to unknown page and blank page when using the Gallery block