BuddyBoss App - Version 1.9.0

Release date: Feb 09, 2023


  • New Enhancement – Improved Icon Set and Picker
  • New Enhancement – Ahead of the Group Subscription feature release, Forum Subscriptions have been relocated to Notifications Settings, previously known as Notification Preferences
  • Fixed – Header height consistency with Tab Bars enabled
  • Fixed – Searching from the More Menu would reset instead of opening
  • App Pages – Heading Block not showing correct font sizes
  • App Pages – App block content no longer hidden under Tab Bar
  • Members – Fixed issue with Connections icon not displaying
  • Moderation – Improved moderation logic for media
  • Messaging – Improved endpoint handling if Pusher fails to send message
  • Messaging – Added spacing between code snippet and the top-line
  • Messaging – Uploaded media no longer cropped on Android if it is the last message
  • Messaging – Added spacing between code snippet and the top-line
  • In-App Purchases – Fixed issue where Product Screen kept displaying when app is open
  • LearnDash – Compatibility fix with Course Access using Course Points
  • GamiPress – Ranks with ‘Allow reach with points’ will no longer show 0 Points under Rank name
  • Library – React Native Push Notifications updated to v8.1.1
  • Refactored – Lesson Single hooks converted to TypeScript.
  • Custom Development – New hooks for Quiz Single Screen
  • Custom Development – Added style variables to Auth Screens
  • Custom Development – Fixed REST API request for fetching member details after successful social login